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Maker Space

How to Use a RTL SDR Dongle to receive pictures from the ISS! | Software Defined Radio

This video is from Ham Radio DX. Did you know the International Space Station (ISS) periodically sends SSTV (slow scan television) images over the air? You can decode them too using an RTL SDR software defined radio dongle which is around $30-$50. A simple antenna is all that is needed.

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Raspberry Pi

How to Build an IP KVM with Raspberry Pi 4 and GeekWorm KVM-A3 Kit

This video is from KI5SIJ – All Things HAM Radio, Batteries, and More. In this video we will be going through the procedure on how to load the PiKVM image onto the microsd card. We will show you where to go to download the image, imaging software and all the tools necessary to perform these […]

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Maker Raspberry Pi

Build an Off-the-Grid Wi-Fi System for Voice Communications

Null Byte explains how to Use Android & Raspberry Pi for Local Voice communications. It can be difficult to communicate off the grid when there’s no infrastructure. That’s also true when you’re in situations where there is no cellular service or reliable Wi-Fi hotspots, such as a convoy of vehicles that want to talk to […]

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