High-performance Services with gRPC: What’s new in .NET 5

gRPC is a high-performance RPC framework used by developers around the world to build fast apps. In this talk learn about what’s new in gRPC for .NET 5, like performance improvements, gRPC-Web, Blazor WebAssembly support, Hosting on Http.sys and IIS, and OpenTelemetry.

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Machine Learning Microsoft

Create an ML.NET API with gRPC

Jon Wood shows us how to create an API that uses a saved model to produce a prediction with gRPC. Related resources: Introduction to gRPC article – Video that helped me learn a lot about gRPC in .NET – Code –

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Developer Microsoft

Building Microservices with gRPC and .NET

Microservices based applications consist of multiple services and are built with a variety of programming languages. Based on the business use case, you can pick the most appropriate technology to build your service. gRPC can be one of those choices. Watch this video with Sourahb to find out more about gRPC and ASP.NET Core apps.

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