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Who Is REALLY Making Billions From ChatGPT

Enrico Tartarotti explains who’s going to make the most money from ChatGPT. Microsoft and OpenAI are about to make a possibly historical deal to take control of the exploding world of AI. ChatGPT is just the first hint of what will come in the coming years. TL;DR: Satya Nadella is a genius. While most videos […]

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OpenAI’s New AI: Video Game Addict No More! 🤖

Two Minute Papers cover the paper “Efficient Training of Language Models to Fill in the Middle” in the following video.

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DeepMind’s New AI Thinks It Is A Genius! 🤖

Two Minute Papers checks out the paper “DeepMind Gopher – Scaling Language Models: Methods, Analysis & Insights from Training Gopher”

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GPT 3 Demo and Explanation – An AI revolution from OpenAI

Half Ideas – Startups and Entrepreneurship takes a closer look at GPT-3 and what it means for AI. GPT 3 can write poetry, translate text, chat convincingly, and answer abstract questions. It’s being used to code, design and much more. I’ll give you a demo of some of the latest in this technology and some […]

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OpenAI GPT-3 Is Good At Almost Everything!

OpenAI’s GPT-3 is quite the feat of AI engineering and now we have Two Minute Papers’ take on it.

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GPT-3: Language Models are Few-Shot Learners

How far can you go with ONLY language modeling? Can a large enough language model perform NLP task out of the box? OpenAI take on these and other questions by training a transformer that is an order of magnitude larger than anything that has ever been built before and the results are astounding. Yannic Kilcher […]

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