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GLOM: How to represent part-whole hierarchies in a neural network (Geoff Hinton’s Paper Explained)

Yannic Kilcher covers a paper where Geoffrey Hinton describes GLOM, a Computer Vision model that combines transformers, neural fields, contrastive learning, capsule networks, denoising autoencoders and RNNs. GLOM decomposes an image into a parse tree of objects and their parts. However, unlike previous systems, the parse tree is constructed dynamically and differently for each input, […]

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Autonomous Vehicles Neural Networks

Self Driving Cars: ALVINN

Following up from a previous post on the history of self-driving cars, here’s a look at ALVINN and how it learned to steer.

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AI Deep Learning

Meet the Godfather of AI

Geoff Hinton may not be a household name (even among AI geeks), but his contribution to our field is immeasurable. Watch  Bloomberg Businessweek’s Ashlee Vance interview the Godfather of AI.

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