Bioinformatics Deep Learning Google

How DeepConsensus works

From Maria Nattestad’s work on the Genomics team in Google Health AI comes a video describing how DeepConsensus works to increase the quality of PacBio sequencing data using deep learning.

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Machine Learning

Reliable Machine Learning Systems

Siraj Raval has a video exploring a paper about genomics and creating reliable machine learning systems. Deep learning classifiers make the ladies (and gentlemen) swoon, but they often classify novel data that’s not in the training set incorrectly with high confidence. This has serious real world consequences! In Medicine, this could mean misdiagnosing a patient. […]

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AWS Data Science Science

Cancer Genomics and Data Science

In this talk from NDC Oslo, Lynn Langit and her daughter Samantha talk about the role of data science and cancer research. This is a more in-depth look at something Lynn had mentioned on the DataDriven podcast.

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