Databricks Privacy

Addressing GDPR and CCPA Scenarios with Delta Lake and Apache Spark

Databricks  recently hosted this online tech talk on Delta Lake. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) both aim to guarantee strong protection for individuals regarding their personal data and apply to businesses that collect, use, or share consumer data, whether the information was obtained online or offline. This […]

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Yes, You Can Do AI Without Sacrificing Privacy
AI Ethics Privacy

AI Without Sacrificing Privacy

Generally speaking, the more data you have, the better your machine learning model is going to be. However, stockpiling vast amounts of data also carries a certain privacy, security, and regulatory risks. With new privacy-preserving techniques, however, data scientists can move forward with their AI projects without putting privacy at risk. To get the low […]

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Azure SQL Server

Azure SQL Data Discovery and Classification

Chris Seferlis covers the Data Discovery and Classification options available in Azure SQL Database offerings in this video.

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Azure Maps in Azure Government

In this episode of the Azure Government video series, Steve Michelotti talks with Chris Pendleton, Principal PM Manager on the Azure Maps team, about Azure Maps in Azure Government. Learn what makes Azure Maps different from other mapping solutions available and how Azure Maps provides a truly unified experience for a mapping solution including route […]

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Big Data Data Science

Can You Recognize Yourself from Your Data?

BBC Click explores the impact of GDPR one year later and offers a brief glimpse into what our smartphones know about us.

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Data Driven Data Science Privacy

Chuck E. Cheese is Watching You

In this DataPoint, Frank discovers that Chuck E. Cheese is tracking game playing statistics with the use of RFID cards and how to look up your own data with their in store kiosks.  Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at

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Privacy Models for Private Blockchains

Yesterday’s post about GDPR and Blockchains had me wondering about potential fixes for this issue. This video on Channel9 provides an overview of some of the more popular privacy features employed on private consortiums to enable sharing data only with specific participants in a network.   It turns out that there are a variety of ways […]

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Is Blockchain Incompatible with GDPR?

Sam Palmisano, chairman of The Center for for Global Enterprise, and David Kappos, a partner with Cravath, Swaine & Moore LLP, discuss the privacy concerns surrounding blockchain technology with Bloomberg’s Shery Ahn and Amanda Lang.

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Data Science Privacy

Privacy in Data Science

Siraj Raval explores the thorny world of privacy in data science. In this video, he demos three privacy techniques; differential privacy, secure multi party computation, and federated learning.

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Power BI GDPR Whitepaper, VertiPaq and More!

Adam from Guy in a Cube rounds up the latest happenings in the Power BI world, including GDPR.   Links mentioned in the video: Useful Data Sources for Demos, Learning and Examples (@jenstirrup)… Why is Vertipaq so fast? Part 3: Segment Elimination (@CurbalEN)… Power BI GDPR Whitepaper… Editing Q&A linguistic schemas… […]

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