Gary Explains


Tesla D1 Chip – What is All The Fuss About?

Tesla has revealed more details about project Dojo and its D1 Chip. With 50 billion transistors and built on a 7nm process node, the D1 is designed for the training stage of machine learning. Now that Apple and Tesla have entered the chip making market, what does this mean for the established players like Intel […]

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Linux Security

Linux and The Tragedy of the Commons

In a recent blog post, Google security researcher Kees Cook said that the Linux kernel and its toolchains are currently underinvested by at least 100 engineers. Worse still, many vendors are acting only from self interest that will ultimately lead Linux into the Tragedy of the Commons. What does this mean for consumers, enterprises, and […]

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Linux Microsoft

Microsoft Linux is Here!

No, this is not a late April Fools Day joke or a prank. Microsoft has created its own distro of Linux and Gary Explains.

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Linux Software

Why Everyone Needs to Learn a Little Bit of AWK!

AWK is a brilliant scripting language for processing text files, comma separated values, and text databases. Here’s why you should learn it.

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Linux Windows

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2 is Here

Gary Explains the release of WSL2. WSL2 will officially be part of Windows 10, version 2004, which will be rolled out very soon. The design of WSL 2 is quite different to WSL 1. It includes a real Linux kernel, not just a compatibility layer, which means you can run Docker. Here is a quick […]

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