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Did Adobe Just %#@$ Up?

This video is from Gamefromscratch. So Adobe “just” released a new terms of service for most of their creative products like Adobe Photoshop and Substance 3D and lets just say some of the new terms aren’t exactly going over well with the community. How do you feel about your work being used to train their […]

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WebGPU: How to Run Javascript at the speed of Light

This video is from Visionary 3D. Compute shaders are finally available on the web, thanks to WebGPU. In this video, we’re gonna dive deep into the world of GPU Compute Shaders. Source Code: Fantastic Articles To Read:

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Developer Virtual Reality

WebGPU :: Rendering the future in Real-Time

This video is from Visionary 3D. WebGPU is finally here, ready to be used. And it’s going to change EVERYTHING. In this video we’ll take a look at the basics of WebGpu. This is part 1 of our new WebGpu series. CODE:

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Developer GameDev

15 Years Writing C++ – Advice for new programmers

This video is from SyncMain. I’m a video game programmer and I’ve been using C++ as a programming language for 15 years. Of course in my time as a programmer I’ve branched out to other languages, but I’d say C++ has been the focus for me across my hobby and professional projects.

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AI Data Science GameDev

How to Unlock Insights with Azure PlayFab and Databricks for Game Analytics

In this video, learn how game developers can use Azure PlayFab to collect real-time data on player behavior, such as player actions, in-game events, and spending patterns. Then use Databricks to process and analyze this data in real-time, identify patterns and trends, and generate insights that can be used to improve game design, optimize player […]

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AI GameDev Generative AI

How to Create games and apps faster with Unity Muse | Unity AI

Check out Unity Muse, an AI platform that accelerates the creation of real-time 3D (RT3D) applications and experiences like video games and digital twins. Starting today, we’re beginning a closed beta for Muse Chat, a critical feature of the Muse platform. With Muse Chat, you can leverage AI-based search across Unity documentation, training resources, and […]

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How to Code Modern C++: Unique Ptrs and Vectors

Dave from Dave’s Garage takes you on a tour of the modern C++ features you need to know in order to avoid memory leaks, corruption, and other common pitfalls of using C++. Code:

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GameDev Open Source Video Production

Motion Canvas is now Open Source!

This video is from aarthificial covers a tool I hadn’t heard before: Motion Canvas. He uses it in his videos to great effect, would that be affect? 🙂

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GameDev Python

How to Make a Game in Python

In this video from Tech With Tim, Tim will be giving you guys an introduction to Python Game Development using the Pygame module, which is a simple 2D graphics library in Python. This tutorial will be simple, fun, yet allow you to create an extensible game!

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Virtual Reality

New MetaHuman From Scanned Data!

Now there’s a new way to create Metahumans from real head scans in Unreal Engine 5!!! I think the result is really amazing. This character was based on a model from 3dscanstore.

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