future tech


Are YOU Ready for the INTERNET? Video clip in 1994

Watching this video reveals the optimism around the internet in the mid 90s. Who knew that we’d end up using the technology to argue with strangers and share pictures of cats. Kate Bellingham reports that an exciting new interconnected world – a world where every word ever written, every picture ever painted and ever film […]

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Quantum Computing Security

Computer researcher speaks on the revolution of quantum computing

This interview with Jack Hidary covers the most important things you need to know about quantum computing. A little about Jack Hidary’s take on Quantum Computing & cryptography: Quantum computers will soon be able to crack classical encryption, resulting in a massive leakage of sensitive data and secrets. The international cybersecurity community is rushing to […]

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AI Robotics

New Technology for the U.S. Army

The U.S. military has learned to control more than a hundred robots simultaneously, and the Chinese have created a copy of Boston Dynamics’ BigDog robot, an electronic skin to control robots, and are about to compete with StarLink. For more on this, as well as underwater robots, the perfect robot arm, and other cutting-edge technology, […]

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Data Future Microsoft

Microsoft’s Plan to Store Data for 10,000 years

Microsoft’s Project Silica aims to show that glass is the future of long-term data storage. To prove its usefulness outside the lab, Microsoft partnered with Warner Bros. to write the 1978 Superman film into glass with lasers. To see the whole process and the Superman glass, CNET visited Microsoft’s Research Lab in Cambridge, England and […]

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