Nuclear fusion breakthrough achieved with new projectile technique

For decades the promise of nuclear fusion power has remained elusive. However, researchers may have cracked the code to make it happen sooner rather than later. Nuclear fusion has been achieved using a new projectile technique that accelerates fuel to 200 times the speed of sound. First Light Fusion, a UK based start-up, used a […]

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Future Space

This New Nuclear Battery Could Power Deep Space Missions for Decades

Seeker explains how a new kind of nuclear battery could power missions into deep space. In April of 2020, NASA researchers announced they had come up with a new approach to fusion that has the potential to power missions into deep space, and maybe even future laptops here on Earth. This is really exciting news […]

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AI Science

Can AI Help Crack the Code of Fusion power?

Fusion power has long been promised as a clean and virtually limitless source of power. Yet, this dream has thus far eluded our most brilliant scientists.  Could AI help unlock this?

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Future Science

How Close Are We to Fusion Energy?

Fusion energy might be the safe, efficient, reliable and clean energy source that could save our planet. But, how close are we to a world where fusion energy becomes a thing?

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