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Data Developer

Is Redis the ONLY database you need?

You probably already know that Redis as an ultrafast in-memory database. But can it also be used as your primary app database? This video will show you how to build a fullstack app from scratch with Redis and Next.js capable of performing fulltext instant search.

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Free 7+ Hour Blazor Course

Blazor is a Single Page Application framework created by Microsoft. With Blazor, you write C# to generate dynamic content and with Blazor WebAssembly you can become a full stack developer with C# on both front end and back end. In this course by Frank Liu (via freeCodeCamp.org), you will learn about the architecture, how Blazor […]

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AI Autonomous Vehicles

Tech Talk: Self-Driving Car & Autonomous Systems

Udacity has a great video for those looking to gain more insight into the Self-Driving Car & Autonomous Systems industry. In this discussion, we will be joined by our expert, Vienna Harvey, to chat about her career path, her thoughts on hot topics and the current state of the industry, and tips for you to […]

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