Fraud Detection


Deploying a Fraud Detection Microservice using TensorFlow, PySpark, and Cortex

The most popular dataset on Kaggle is  Credit Card Fraud Detection. It’s an easy to understand problem space and impacts just about everyone. Fraud detection is a practical application that many businesses care about.  There’s a also something intrinsically cool about stopping crime with AI. Here’s an interesting article on how to implement a fraud […]

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Deep Learning Machine Learning

Fraud Detection Using a Neural Autoencoder

Fraud detection, a common use of AI, belongs to a more general class of problems — anomaly detection. An anomaly is a generic, not domain-specific, concept. It refers to any exceptional or unexpected event in the data: a mechanical piece failure, an arrhythmic heartbeat, or a fraudulent transaction. Basically, identifying a fraud means identifying an […]

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AI Computer Vision

AI For Image Manipulation Detection

In this age of PhotoShop and Instagram filters, detecting a real image from an altered one is getting more difficult. Naturally, there’s an AI research paper for that. Watch this video by Two Minute Papers to learn more.

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