Frank La Vigne

AI Azure

Trends & Future of AI Keynote

Today I delivered the keynote for AzureCloud Events most recent event. “Trends and Future of AI”

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Career Data Driven

How the Data Life Found Me

In this third episode of the fifth season, Andy turns the microphone on me and interviews me!

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Data Driven Neural Networks

Neural Networks from the Ground Up

Speaking neural networks, here’s a live recording of my talk from Azure Data Fest Fall 2019 in Reston In this session, I explain Neural Networks from the Ground Up Neural networks are an essential element of many advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. However, few people understand the core mathematical or structural underpinnings of this concept. […]

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AI Data Driven Reinforcement Learning

Reinforcement Learning at Azure Data Fest

In my session from Azure Data Fest Reston 2018, I explore reinforcement learning.  As an added bonus, Andy (who’s holding the camera) chimes in now and then. Press the play button below to listen here or visit the show page at  

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