Francesca Lazzeri


Democratize AI with Azure Machine Learning designer

Azure Machine Learning has a large library of algorithms from the classification, recommender systems, clustering, anomaly detection, regression and text analytics families. Each is designed to address a different type of machine learning problem. In this demo, you will learn how to use Azure Machine Learning designer in a few simple steps and create an […]

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AI Azure Python

Machine Learning in the cloud with Azure ML

On this episode of Talk Python, meet Francesca Lazzeri and hear story how she went from Research Fellow in Economics at Harvard Business School to working on the AI and data science stack on the Azure team. Full details at

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AI Deep Learning Machine Learning

Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning

This episode of the AI Show compares deep learning vs. machine learning. You’ll learn how the two concepts compare and how they fit into the broader category of artificial intelligence. During this demo we will also describe how deep learning can be applied to real-world scenarios such as fraud detection, voice and facial recognition, sentiment […]

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Azure Machine Learning

Time Series Forecasting with Azure Machine Learning

This video shows how to build, train and deploy a time series forecasting solution with Azure Machine Learning. You are guided through every step of the modeling process including: Set up your development environment Access and examine the data Train using an Automated Machine Learning Explore the results Register and access your time series forecasting […]

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