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Raspberry Pi FluxNode Setup Guide

In this video, Goose takes you through all the steps to building your own Raspberry Pi FluxNode. Time stamps: 00:33 Intro 01:49 Online FluxNode Guides 02:49 Raspberry Pi Specs & Argon ONE M.2 Case 07:27 Ubuntu Server 11:09 Flash SD Card 12:49 Stake FLUX Collateral in Zelcore Wallet 14:27 Raspberry Pi Case Assembly 16:19 First […]

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Maker Solar

Should You Build or Buy a 5V USB Portable Solar Power Charger?

In this video, GreatScott! takes a closer look at a commercial 5V USB portable solar power charger. After measuring its output power and pretty much “short reviewing” the product, I will try to make my own DIY version that should cost around the same while outputting more power! Let’s get started!

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