Stop Your Programs Reporting Your Activity with Little Snitch

Our computers constantly talk to servers across the internet without us realizing, sharing information about our activities. Most of us don’t even realize how many programs are silently connecting to the internet and sharing data. It usually happens without our explicit consent. But we can block these connections. On Mac, you can use a program […]

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Stealth Network Scanning 101: How to Avoid Detection Like a Pro

This video is from LearnLadder . Unlock the secrets of stealthy network navigation with our comprehensive course on “Avoid Detection: Master Stealth Network Scanning”! Dive into the world of ethical hacking and cybersecurity, where we guide you through the intricacies of scanning networks without leaving a trace. Whether you’re a budding ethical hacker or a […]

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Privacy Security

You NEED to learn about FIREWALLS!

Your firewalls are a crucial part of your privacy and security setup. You can think of them like a bouncer at a building, deciding who is allowed to enter and who is not. In this video Naomi shows you how to create a separate network for your insecure devices like IoT devices. She then shows […]

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Networking Privacy Security

You won’t believe how UNSAFE your home router is!

Your router is the gateway between your devices and the internet at large. If it’s compromised, it’s like leaving the front door to your home network wide open, allowing malicious actors to enter. Unfortunately the routers most of us use are VERY insecure, with all kinds of known vulnerabilities. In this video Naomi Brockwell goes […]

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The Best Budget x86 Router Reviewed

Fujitsu S920 is well reviewed for a home network router.

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Covid Pandemic Hardware

Home Network Design Inspiration

If you, like my family and I, are stuck at home and have seen your home networking equipment put to the test. In the past few weeks, I’ve made some changes to my home network – adjusting WiFi channels, separating the kids’ traffic from the rest of the network as much as possible. Keep in […]

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