Sam Altman – The Man Who Owns Silicon Valley

This video is from David Ondrej. Sam Altman is the CEO of OpenAI, he holds investments in over 400 companies and his decisions literally decide the future of humanity. Join my team! – Don’t miss the AI revolution – Subscribe to stay ahead! Credits: @ycombinator @AaronWatsonPiper @EvanCarmichael @Scale_AI Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed […]

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The Incredible Story of the Man Who Robbed an Entire Country

This video is from MagnatesMedia highlights the story of Jho Lo and how he stole billions of dollars in an audacious financial scam involving Malaysia’s investment fund, 1MDB. Jho Low probably had more spending power than anyone else on Earth, since his money wasn’t tied up in stocks, real estate or other illiquid assets and […]

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Cryptocurrency FinTech

Fintech Newcomers To Watch In 2022 | Forbes

Last year, as the pandemic continued to push more buying and banking online and the price of both bitcoin and tech stocks climbed, venture capitalists poured money into fintech— a total of $133 billion globally, almost three times the $49 billion they invested the year before, according to CB Insights. That flood of capital carried […]

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