AI Generative AI Video Production

Discover This 48-Hour AI Creation: Exploring the Power of Story and Professionalism + AMA

This video from Filmmaker IQ covers an interesting experiment with AI.\

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Most PRIVATE Video Watching Apps!

This video is from Naomi Brockwell: NBTV. When you want to watch videos on your phone, you’re probably using an app whose dual role behind the scenes is to gather as much information about you as it can. It observes all of your actions, and adds all this information to a database about you that […]

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AI VFX Video Production

Replace Your Actor with a CG Character in One Click

This video is from the one and only Film Riot. Can you replace your actor with a CG character with just one click? Wonder Studio from Wonder Dynamics aims to make that a reality. But how good is it?

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Data Future Microsoft

Microsoft’s Plan to Store Data for 10,000 years

Microsoft’s Project Silica aims to show that glass is the future of long-term data storage. To prove its usefulness outside the lab, Microsoft partnered with Warner Bros. to write the 1978 Superman film into glass with lasers. To see the whole process and the Superman glass, CNET visited Microsoft’s Research Lab in Cambridge, England and […]

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Interesting Philosophy Fridays

The Phantom Menace – What Went Wrong?

Wisecrack has an interesting perspective and fresh look at one of the most disappointing films of all time.

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