Why Was Facebook Down for Five Hours?

Facebook was down for five hours last week. What happened and what do DNS and BGP have to do with it? Time stamps: 0:00 DNS 7:13 Caching DNS 10:34 Hop-by-hop routing 14:07 Default-free routing 18:28 Peering 19:50 BGP 26:08 The outage

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Why Did Facebook Fail?

Just what was it that took Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp offline on 4th October 2021? – Dr Steve Bagley investigates.

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How Apple Tried to Make the iPhone in 1993

People today assume that every product Apple makes (or ever made) was an outstanding success. That wasn’t always the case. A prime example of this was the Apple Newton, which serves as a cautionary tale for not commercializing a technology before its time.

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Jaron Lanier on Virtual Reality, Social Media & the Future of Humans and AI

Jaron Lanier is a living legend. One of the earliest pioneers in virtual reality and I vividly remember reading about him in Wired magazine while I was still in college (and Wired was still relevant). Here he is speaking with Lex Fridman about VR, social media, AI, and humanity’s future. OUTLINE: 0:00 – Introduction 1:39 […]

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Portable UDFs : Write Once, Run Anywhere

While most query engines come with a rich set of functions, it does not cover all the needs of users. In such cases, user defined functions (UDFs) allow users to express their business logic and use it in their queries. It is common for users to use more than one compute engine for solving their […]

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How Apple Just Changed the Entire Industry with the M1 Chip

ColdFusion TV explains why the M1 chip will have a lasting impact on the entire computing industry.

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This AI Learned Boxing

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Control Strategies for Physically Simulated Characters Performing Two-player Competitive Sports.”

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Apple vs Facebook – The Great Privacy Fight

ColdFusion covers the Apple / Facebook fight over privacy.

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Where Did Bitcoin Come From?

ColdFusion examines the origins and future of Bitcoin.

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