Quantum Computing

Astor Perkins: Quantum Computing Panel

The panel will be moderated by William Hurley, CEO of Strangeworks. Also on the panel are: – Peter Chapman, CEO & President of IonQ – Dan Caruso, Executive Chairman at ColdQuanta – Professor Winfred Hensinger from the University of Sussex – Dr. Joe Fitzsimons, CEO of Horizon Quantum Computing

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Data Startups

Analyzing The RIGHT Data is the Next Level Entrepreneurs’ Secret Weapon

In this video, Patrick Bet-David talks about the different ways to understand and analyze data. Maybe not the kind of data you’d expect, which is exactly why you need to watch it.  As a technologist, you always need to think like the people who are cutting your paycheck. Plus PBD is awesome.

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Daily inspiration with Winston Churchill & JLD

As the calendar turns to September, my thoughts tend towards being consumed by memories of the day I came uncomfortably close to dying Recent events have done little to ease my mind, but then I saw this video by John Lee Dumas sent to me by Andy Leonard, co-host of Data Driven and brother from […]

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How to Use Your Phone So That It Doesn’t Use You

Life hacker extraordinaire Tim Ferriss shows us how to make sure that we are not being used by our phones.

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Tis the Season of Winning!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that I am a firm believer of taking time to develop yourself to your full potential. Data Driven listeners may also know about when and why I celebrate the new year. I’m also a huge fan of EdMylett and his podcast. I encourage you to watch […]

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