Emily Chang


The Great Tech Resignation

Sapphire Partners’ Cathy Gao talks to Emily Chang about how the Great Resignation is affecting the tech industry, and how can companies use technology to have a recruiting edge in this tight market and to retain talent.

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Bloomberg’s Studio 1.0: Ethereum Co-founder Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, speaks to Bloomberg’s Emily Chang about creating the second most valuable cryptocurrency behind Bitcoin, the future of a decentralized Internet and the possible threat to legacy companies like Facebook and Twitter.

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Quantum Computing

IonQ to Become First Publicly-Traded Quantum Computing Company

In case, you’re looking for more evidence that quantum computing is getting real, then look no further than the stock market. Peter Chapman, chief executive officer and president at IonQ Inc, discusses his company going public via a special purpose acquisition company deal with dMY Technology Group Inc. that gives the combined entity a pro-forma […]

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AI Autonomous Vehicles

Scale AI’s CEO Wants to Improve the Safety of Self-Driving Cars

Alexandr Wang, Scale AI co-founder and CEO, explains how the company is using artificial intelligence to improve the safety of self-driving cars. In this video, he speaks with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology” after raising $100 million in series C funding.

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