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AI Robotics

Tesla DOJO Update explained

In this video Anastasia in Tech discusses Tesla DOJO updates from Tesla AI Day 2022.

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Space for all: Not your father’s astronauts!

So far, only around 600 people have been to space, which is shocking given that there are around 7 or 8 billion of people in existence. Is that about to change? What changes will it bring to humanity? Beltalowda!

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AI Chatbots Ethics

Virtual Personalities, Ethics, and Elon Musk Talks to His Chatbot Replica

In this live stream, Andy and I reflect on our conversation with Justin Harrison.

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The truth about AI and why you should learn it – Computerphile explains

If you are into cybersecurity or any other field, you probably want to learn about AI and ML. They can really help your resume and help you increase the income you earn. AI just become Sentient? And will it take your job? Or is AI just a fantastic opportunity for you to get a better […]

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AI Ethics Future

Nick Bostrom: The Threat Of Artificial Intelligence aka Elon Musk’s Biggest Fear

Patrick Bet-David sits down with Nick Bostrom. Nick Bostrom is a New York Times bestseller, was recommended by Elon Musk and Bill Gates among others, and helped to popularize the term “superintelligence”. Bostrom believes that superintelligence is a potential outcome of advances in artificial intelligence.

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