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BBC Click on How Powerful Can e-Racing Cars Be?

BBC Click drops into the driver’s seat in this in-depth look at the tech behind Formula E. (and more)

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Interesting Science

Could Electric Cars Wreak Havoc on Oil Markets Within a Decade?

Adding to Now You Know’s analysis of the coming oil market collapse, Bloomberg chimes in with their own analysis and, well, it’s going to get interesting.

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Maker Robotics

Beginners’ Guide to Electric Motors

Jeremy Fielding has come up with a handy video introducing the concept of motor types, power, and references to how to wire, speed control, and use all the common types of motors with a focus on reusing motors salvaged from appliances and other sources. Steppers, BLDC, PMDC, single and three phase, universal motors, and more.

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Future Gadgets

Meet the Arcimoto

The Arcimoto is a three-wheeled, all-electric vehicle that is small, fast and incredibly fun to drive. The grand vision behind the Arcimoto is that people will use it for most of their day-to-day driving instead of relying on their bulky, gas guzzling cars. In this video, Ashlee Vance heads to the Arcimoto’s birthplace in Eugene, […]

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