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Ask an OpenShift Admin (Ep 62) | MicroShift

Need to run Kubernetes at the edge? A small form factor version of OpenShift designed for edge computing devices would be great. This is exactly what MicroShift provides. In this episode, Miguel Angel Ajo and Ricardo Noriega De Soto join the show to discuss MicroShift. They’re both helping to develop Microshift – OpenShift tailored for […]

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Red Hat

Ask an OpenShift Admin: Edge Validated Patterns

What is an edge validated pattern, and how can it simplify your deployment experience? This episode looks at Red Hat Edge’s validated patterns and some of the detailed deployments created for different edge use cases. These pre-defined edge computing configurations can simplify the deployment experience, use automation to create a lifecycle that ensures they continue […]

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AI Hardware

GTC 2021 Keynote with NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang

NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang delivers the #GTC21 keynote, where he introduced a number of amazing breakthroughs.

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Computer Vision

Rapidly move your Vision AI project to production with VisionOnEdge

Putting together a demo or a simple proof of concept for your Vision AI at the edge project has become pretty simple. But bringing this project to pilot then to production can be daunting. Mahesh Yadav joins Olivier on this new episode to introduce the open source project VisionOnEdge which gives you all you need […]

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Azure IoT

ML at the edge and in the Cloud with Azure Sphere

See how Azure Sphere allows to run ML at the edge combined with Cloud AI in this demo on the IoT Show. IoT devices can work with cognitive services in the cloud for ML tasks such as face verification. However, it is often useful to have ML at the edge as well, to avoid streaming […]

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Azure Hardware

Bring Compute, Storage, and Intelligence to the Edge with Azure Stack Edge

Dipti Pai joins Scott Hanselman to show how to run containerized and VM workloads to get quick, actionable insights at the edge—where data is created—using purpose-built hardware-as-a-service with Azure Stack Edge. Related links: Azure Stack Edge What is Azure Stack Edge Pro with GPU? Microsoft Hardware Experience app (iOS) Microsoft Hardware Experience app (Android) Create […]

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AI chipmaker Hailo rolls out acceleration modules for edge devices
IoT TensorFlow

AI chipmaker Hailo rolls out acceleration modules for edge devices

AI chipmaker Hailo announced today the launch of its M.2 and Mini PCIe high-performance AI acceleration modules for empowering edge devices. Integrating the Hailo-8TM processor, the modules can be plugged into a variety of edge devices to provide superior AI capabilities for smart cities, smart retail, industry 4.0, smart homes and other fields. The plug-in […]

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Computer Vision IoT

Simplifying Vision AI in Azure IoT Central

Building Vision AI applications has never been that simple with Azure IoT Central and IoT Edge. Today, you can use various technologies to create Video Analytics solutions end to end, but assembling all these technologies from video acquisition, analytics at the edge to managing the cameras and gateways is not trivial. The Azure IoT Central […]

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