Dr G


Introduction to Bash Recap

Bash is a tool that helps you manage the files and processes running on your computer. Shells like Bash give you the power and precision to control your computer from one terminal (or windows). In this episode of Learn With Dr. G, Sarah will walk through an introduction to Bash. You’ll learn what Bash is, […]

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Machine Learning

Intro to AutoML on Azure

Dr G shows us how to make use of the very handy Automated ML feature of Azure Machine Learning. 

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Intro to the Blockchain Microsoft Learn Modules

Meaghan Lewis, Senior Program Manager and blockchain enthusiast, joins Dr. G to highlight a new Ethereum blockchain learning path on Microsoft Learn.

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Python Space

Predicting Meteor Showers Using Python and Visual Studio Code

Join this live stream as Dr G explores how data science plays a role in predicting celestial events. No coding experience required, and you can follow along with the free Microsoft Learn lessons at https://aka.ms/LearnWithDrG/OverTheMoon.

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Computer Vision Space

Use Azure Custom Vision to Repurpose the Lunar Rover

The Lunar rover has been instrumental in helping us advance our understanding of the Moon and our Universe, and in the new Netflix Original, Over the Moon, it makes an appearance when Fei Fei lands on the moon with her buddy Bungee and brother Chin. In this video, Dr. G will build an image classifier […]

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Data Space

The Role of Data in Moon Missions

Here’s an interesting look at how data played (and continues to play) in space exploration. 00:00 – Introduction and Agenda for the episode 02:49 – Setup local environment guidelines 03:56 – Setup for this project and intro to Python notebooks in VSCode 06:40 – Choosing data for analysis – NASA Lunar Rock Curation 07:51 – […]

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