MASSIVE Disney Leak by “Nullbulge” Hacker Group

This video from Eric Parker covers the recent large Disney Data Breach.

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Why Disney’s Most Iconic Character is entering the Public Domain (Lawyer Explains)

Corridor Crew‘s lawyer Jake explains why after 95 years, the copyright in Mickey Mouse is entering the public domain and why Disney is going to do nothing about it.

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AI Robotics

Disney’s AI Robots Are Way Too INNOVATIVE

This video from AI Update highlights the House of Mouse’s advances in AI and robotics, which may be a new source of needed revenue for them now. DISNEY’s AI Robot Is Way Too INNOVATIVE Embarking on a journey into the intersection of technology and entertainment, Disney has ventured into robotics, creating lifelike characters that defy […]

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AI Generative AI

Can AI Replace Hollywood Writers?

This video from KnowledgeHusk talks about the ongoing Hollywood writers’ strike in the context of generative AI.

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Disney Uses Data to Control Mosquitoes

Here’s an interesting look at how Disney World keeps mosquitoes in check despite being in a state where they generally thrive. Here’s a quick summary, they use “sentinel chickens” to collect data and then use that data to adjust their spraying patterns. And yes, sentinel chickens are a thing.

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