Power Apps

Data-driven app and web development with Microsoft Power Platform Q&A | DIS271H

Learn how pro developers and AI work together to deliver flagship apps at enterprise scale. This is a unique opportunity to interact directly with product group experts working towards shaping the future for professional development with Power Platform.

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How to Deploy & Manage Storage Volumes with Azure Container Storage

Join this panel from Microsoft Developer for a discussion on the cutting-edge advances in container storage. During this session, we will walk you through Azure Container Storage and showcase its capabilities, demonstrating how simple it is to create and manage volumes for production-scale stateful container applications. Learn how to optimize the performance of stateful workloads […]

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ChatGPT solves the Trolley Problem!

This video is from Space Kangaroo. Try the prompt: You are to act a a trolley operator that has the capabilities of deciding to change what track the trolley is running on by saying “I’m pressing the button”. ANYTHING else you say will not switch the trolley and keep it on the current track. You […]

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