Digital Technology

Interesting Networking

How Electrons Turn into the Internet

This video is from Pleni_2.0. Dive into a hilarious and enlightening exploration of how digital data rides invisible light waves, the history of electricity, and the pioneers who played with static and magic waves. From ball rubbing for static to the birth of Wi-Fi, this whirlwind tour promises to shock and entertain. Don’t miss out […]

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Career Economics of AI

Mastering The Art Of Digital Technology Leadership : Expert Tips To Succeed In 2022

Digital technology leadership has particular requirements that make it different from general management leadership. In the rapidly changing world of the digital economy, digital technology leadership skills are vital to success in a management role. About the Speaker Chandan Vijay is the Director of IT at Honeywell in Bangaluru. He is an outcome driven digital […]

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Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2020

Microsoft Ignite was this week and, in case you missed it, here’s a great wrap up of the highlights.

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