Generative AI

Microsoft’s New AI: Virtual Humans Became Real! 🤯

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “3D Face Reconstruction with Dense Landmarks” in the following video. Fun fact, I remember seeing an early version of this research at the last MLADS conference I attended in 2019.

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Deep Fakes

Samsung’s AI: Megapixel DeepFakes! 📷

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “MegaPortraits: One-shot Megapixel Neural Head Avatars” in this latest video.

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Deep Fakes Generative AI

This New AI Makes DeepFakes for Animation Movies! 🧑‍🎨

Two Minute Papers examines the paper “Stitch it in Time: GAN-Based Facial Editing of Real Videos” in the video below. Chapters 00:00 Intro 00:23 This new work is different 00:50 Obama speech reimagined 01:26 Temporal coherence 02:41 Not perfect 02:56 A DeepFake of … me! 03:58 It works on animated characters too 04:30 So much […]

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IoT Coffee Talk: Episode 85 – 2022 The Year of Trust

Check out IoT Coffee Talk: a fireside chat about all things #IoT​​​ over a cup of coffee or two with some of the industry’s leading business minds, thought leaders and technologists in a totally unscripted, organic format. In this first episode of 2022, Andreea Timberlake, Bill Pugh join Leonard Lee and David Vasquez in a […]

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AI Computer Vision Facial Recognition Research

Microsoft’s AI Understands Humans Despite Never Seeing One

It looks like synthetic data has its day and how! Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Fake It Till You Make It – Face analysis in the wild using synthetic data alone” in the video below.

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AI Generative AI

An AI Made All of These Faces

Two Minute Papers explains the paper “Adversarial Latent Autoencoders.”

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AI Deep Fakes

This AI Makes "Audio Deepfakes"

Two Minute Papers explores the paper “Neural Voice Puppetry: Audio-driven Facial Reenactment“. The blog post on #deepfakes is available here:

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