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Computer Vision for Digital Scientists and Azure Video Indexer with Chat GPT Integration

First up, Alicia Moniz and Randy Price, PhD are here to demo Climate and Weather Event Monitoring with Azure Cognitive Services and in the second half of the hour, Inbal will be here to talk about Azure Video Indexer’s Power amplified with ChatGPT! Computer Vision Resources: Build a Computer Vision classifier Try out Cognitive […]

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Data Science Mastery with ChatGPT Prompt Engineering: Learn Faster!

Unlock the power of ChatGPT to master data science & engineering. In this video from DecisionForest learn how to turbocharge your skills with clear prompts, epic data cleaning, visualisations and machine learning algorithms without any data science prior knowledge.

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How to Use Behavioral Data To Gain Deep Insights Into Your Customer Base

The opportunities for organizations to use behavioral data to gain deep insights into their customer base have increased exponentially in the last few years. In this “Data Cloud Now” interview, host Ryan Green chats with Yali Sassoon, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Office of Snowplow Analytics, about what those new opportunities are and the role that […]

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