Data Science Tutorial

Data Science Statistics

Statistics & Probability for Data Science

I’m often asked about the basics of data science and how to break into the field. I tell folks that it’s 80% statistics and 20% everything else. This session on Statistics And Probability will cover all the fundamentals of stats and probability concepts used in Data Science. Topics covered in this video: 00:00:00 Introduction 00:00:33 […]

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Data Science Python

11 Hours Full Data Science with Python Beginners Course

Great Learning has posted this 11 hour full course on Data Science with Python for Beginners course. Index: Statistics vs Machine Learning – 2:15 Types of Statistics – 8:55 Types of Data – 1:50:35 Correlation – 2:45:50 Covariance – 2:52:23 Basics of Python – 4:24:36 Python Data Structures – 4:43:58 Flow Control Statements in Python […]

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