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Bring your SQL expertise to the Data Lake with Serverless SQL Pools

Big data analytics is within easy reach of SQL developers and analysts by using Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools. Data stored in Azure Data Lake can be analysed at scale by using this new data processing engine built by Microsoft. In this session with Andy Culter, we’ll see how SQL developers can bring their expertise […]

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AWS Data

AWS Glue 5th Anniversary Developer Retrospective | Amazon Web Services

AWS Glue serverless ETL and Data integration service celebrates its 5th anniversary. Watch this video to meet the engineers who built Glue from the ground-up, and hear their vision for Glue’s future.

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Big Data Data

How to Use Behavioral Data To Gain Deep Insights Into Your Customer Base

The opportunities for organizations to use behavioral data to gain deep insights into their customer base have increased exponentially in the last few years. In this “Data Cloud Now” interview, host Ryan Green chats with Yali Sassoon, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Office of Snowplow Analytics, about what those new opportunities are and the role that […]

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Azure Big Data Data

Where Should You Put Your Data in Azure?

A frequent question asked is: Where goes what or where should I put my data? With Amy Boyd, Frank (not me) invited different product teams to share what type of data and goes in their service. Let’s meet with Synapse Analytics, Cosmo DB, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Data Explorer product manager. Each one will […]

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Databricks on Databricks: AMA with Data Engineering SMEs

Data engineers and data leaders are the linchpin of every data-driven organization. Today’s data engineers face a number of critical use cases: ensuring the organization has access to clean, reliable data, maintaining governance and security as the organization scales, and providing access to data teams for analysis. Whatch this session for live Q&A with Databricks […]

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Big Data Databricks

Clean Your Data Swamp by Migrating Off of Hadoop

In this session, learn how to quickly supplement your on-premises Hadoop environment with a simple, open, and collaborative cloud architecture that enables you to generate greater value with scaled application of analytics and AI on all your data. You will also learn five critical steps for a successful migration to the Databricks Lakehouse Platform along […]

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AWS Databricks

Large Scale Lakehouse Implementation Using Structured Streaming

Business leads, executives, analysts, and data scientists rely on up-to-date information to make business decision, adjust to the market, meet needs of their customers or run effective supply chain operations. Come hear how Asurion used Delta, Structured Streaming, AutoLoader and SQL Analytics to improve production data latency from day-minus-one to near real time Asurion’s technical […]

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Data Driven

Dave Wentzel on Why You Don’t Need a Data Warehouse

In this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy chat with Philadelphia Microsoft Technology Center Data Architect Dave Wentzel on why you do not need a data warehouse. Also, Frank discusses leaving Microsoft, Frank and Andy talk about five seasons of Data Driven, and even BAILeY has a sentimental moment.Show NotesComing Soon. Press the play […]

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