Data Driven

Data Driven

Have You Ever Livestreamed from the Beach? You will.

In this Data Point, I stream live from the beach to talk about how sometimes specific predictions of the future are correct, even if they miss some details. In the 1990s, AT&T ran a series of commercials, highlighting the ways in which the internet would transform our lives. One that stands out is the prediction […]

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Data Driven Security

Dana Mantilia on Why Humans are the Weakest Link in CyberSecurity

In this episode of Data Driven, Frank and Andy interview Dana Mantilia on Why Humans are the Weakest Link in CyberSecurity. Listen or watch below. Watch Original Livestream on LinkedIn

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AI Data Driven

A Third AI Superpower

About a year ago, I read AI Superpowers by Kai-Fu Lee which details the struggle between the US and China for AI supremacy in the 21st century, That got me thinking about a map I once made for the School of AI. The US vs China debate leaves out one key player: India.

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Covid Pandemic Data Data Driven Startups

Rick Hall on Data Analytics, Entrepreneurship, and the Impact of COVID on Remote Work

This episode kicks off Season 4 of the Data Driven and we are excited to have Rick Hall to talk to us about data analytics, entrepreneurship, and the impact of COVID on remote work.

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Covid Pandemic Data Driven

Post-Pandemic Bookstore Visit, Data, and Sugared Up Kids

In this Data Point, Frank visits the new Barnes and Noble location in Rockville, MD which is the first store in the US to sport the book retailer’s new design. Oddly enough, it looks a lot like the Amazon brick and mortar bookstore just down the road in Bethesda. With less space and a revamped […]

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Covid Pandemic Data Driven Podcasts

This, Too, Shall Pass

This episode is entitled “This, Too, Shall Pass” and, in it, we reflect on the state of the world dealing with a pandemic. (Bonus points to you if you catch the Hunter Thompson reference in the intro)

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Data Driven Economics of AI

Did We Just Replace a Human with AI?

In this DataPoint, I examine whether or not the new AI voice over tech really replaced a human or did it open up new creative options instead?

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Podcasts Quantum Computing

Going Quantum with the Impact Quantum Podcast

Today, Andy and I launched our second podcast: Impact Quantum. In this episode, we talk about the project and how proud we are of ourselves for executing on the idea so quickly.

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Role of Data analytics in Company’s culture

The Role of Data Analytics in a Company’s Culture

We can all agree that data analytics is critical to any company’s success, but what does it mean to have a data driven culture? Here’s an interesting article on that topic. The importance of data analytics in company’s culture lies in the fact that it has become a core part of any business in today’s […]

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Data Driven Livestream Robotics

Data Driven Live: Robots, Data, and Retail

Andy Leonard and I recorded our second Data Driven show live on Linked In. This time, we talked about the “three Rs of the 2020s,” Robots, Retail, and Reskilling. Watch below or listen to the show on the Data Driven website.

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