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Azure Governance

How Much Does Azure Purview Cost?

Advancing Analytics answers the question that has come up a few times in my day to day work: it looks great, but how much is this going to cost? There has been a whole lot of excitement around Azure Purview, the new governance and classification tool in Azure, but also a few worried noises about […]

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Azure Big Data Data

Conquer Data Sprawl and Unleash Digital Transformation with Azure Purview

Data holds secrets to insights that can transform your business – but only if you know where your data is and what it is. We’re talking data governance in this episode of The Solutions Show with Corey. Pratik Verma joins Corey Sanders to share how datasprawl is easily and elegantly tamed by Azure Purview. Index […]

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Azure Data

Azure Purview – First Look at Dataset Lineage

Advancing Analytics takes a look at the recently released Azure Purview. One of the major selling points of modern data catalogues is the ability to track data lineage – this is vital for both evaluating how trustworthy data is based on it’s source, but also performing impact analysis when working out what is consuming data […]

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