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Why can’t I use Microsoft Fabric?

You’ve heard about all the great things with Microsoft Fabric, but you don’t see it in the portal. You only see the Power BI items and no persona switcher. What’s going on? Adam from Guy in a Cube shows you to enable Fabric for your tenant.

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Data Analyst Roadmap 2023: Your Guide to Becoming a Data Analyst

This Data Analytics course in collaboration with IBM makes you a Data Analytics expert. Our Data Analyst course helps you learn analytics tools and techniques, how to work with SQL databases, R and Python, how to create data visualizations, and apply statistics and predictive analytics in a business environment. This Data Analytics certification also features […]

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Data and Apps—How is data changing (Part 1)

This video is from Microsoft Developer. On the Azure Enablement Show, we’ve had several discussions about how applications are changing, which made us think that data is probably changing as well. In this two-part conversation, David Blank-Edelman talks to Uli Homann and Eric Charran—our Armchair Architects—the shift from systems-of-record to real-time analytics and synchronous processing […]

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5 Study Hacks for Beginner Data Analysts

Alex The Analyst takes a look at 5 fool-proof study hacks for beginner data analysts.

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Kafka in Action (Teaser) • Viktor Gamov & Tim Berglund • GOTO 2022

Viktor Gamov’s co-authored book “Kafka in Action” ensures that you have a list of recipes to dive into. Joined by Tim Berglund, VP DevRel at StarTree, they explore the fundamentals of Apache Kafka. Learn what Kafka can help you achieve, what Viktor’s favorite MCU film is and what “Highway to Mars” by Beast In Black […]

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Exploring the preview of datamart in Power BI!

Take a look at the newly announced preview of datamart in Power BI! A no code experience to build a relational database for analytics right inside Power BI! Announcement Blog:

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