Data Analysis


US Unemployment Data Analysis

This video on the US Unemployment Data Analysis Project will teach you how to perform exploratory data analysis using Python on music-related datasets. In recent days there has been a massive fluctuation in the US Job Market. We shall employ Python and the data analysis tools to identify the changes in the US Job Market.

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How to get started with Azure Monitor Workbooks

In this video, learn how Azure Monitor Workbooks provide a flexible canvas for data analysis and the creation of rich visual reports within the Azure Portal. Workbooks allow you to query data from multiple sources in Azure and create custom visualizations for interactive reporting and analysis. Learn more about Azure Monitor at:

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Data Science Databricks

Introduction to Data Analysis for Aspiring Data Scientists Workshop Part 3

Databricks hosted a four part learning series: Introduction to Data Analysis for Aspiring Data Scientists. This is the third of four online workshops for anyone and everyone interested in learning about data analysis. No previous programming experience required. Part 3: Machine Learning with scikit-learnIf you want to join the live conversation on zoom, follow the […]

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Data Microsoft

Exploring the C# Dataframe API

Jon Wood  shows us several things you can do with your data using the new DataFrame API in C#. Notebook – DataFrame Playlist –

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Data Science Statistics

Principal Component Analysis Explained

Computerphile explains PCA – Principle Component Analysis in an accessible way.

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