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Scalable Machine Learning with Dask

Here’s an interesting talk on Dask from AnacondaCon 2018. Tom Augspurger. Scikit-Learn, NumPy, and pandas form a great toolkit for single-machine, in- memory analytics. Scaling them to larger datasets can be difficult, as you have to adjust your workflow to use chunking or incremental learners. Dask provides NumPy- and pandas-like data containers for manipulating larger […]

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Detailed guide to using Dask for data science and machine learning
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Using Dask for Data Science and Machine Learning

Have you wondered whether there could be an ultimate solution to speed up your data science work via parallelizing Pandas and NumPy? Can you boost the speed by integrating all of these data frames with libraries like XGBoost or Sklearn? Well, then Dask may be just what you’ve been wanting all along. Dask is a […]

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