Damian Brady

Containers DevOps

From Server 2012 to AKS with Azure Migrate

Vinicius Apolinario demonstrates how to move apps from legacy to Azure on Azure Migrate.  This new tooling helps containerize existing applications using Azure Migrate, an easy-to-use tool that removes the complexity involved in the containerization process. Learn more: Azure App Containerization ASP.Net: https://aka.ms/DevOpsLab/AzureMigrate/Doc Containerize and migrate apps to AKS with Azure Migrate: https://aka.ms/DevOpsLab/AzureMigrate/AppContainerization Video – […]

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On Prem To The Cloud: Rub Some DevOps On It

In this episode, Abel and Damian talk about why DevOps is important for on prem applications. They’ll walk through creating a CI/CD pipeline for our VM-based application and database using Azure Pipelines and GitHub Actions. Time stamps: [00:53] Why do we even bother with DevOps? [01:49] Where do we start? [02:36] Demo: Creating a Pipeline […]

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Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps Using the Azure DevOps CLI

In this video, Damian Brady speaks to George Verghese from the Azure DevOps team about the new Azure DevOps CLI. There are several ways to work with Azure DevOps, and if your goal is automation, the CLI should definitely be in your toolbelt. George explains why you may want to use the CLI over the […]

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