Can machine learning improve customer service and what does an AI powered customer service experience look like? Does it go beyond chatbots? Will it add or destroy jobs?

Forbes has an interesting look. From the article.

Now, imagine a smart system where you are automatically redirected to a smart agent (or a digital agent) who knows that you are calling in to talk to a customer agent because you were on the website or app looking for answers to a particular question. You even interacted with the chatbot, but your question was not answered. Your calling number and voice can be used to verify your identity to search your record instead of spending the time to look up your information. There are machines behind the scene ingesting, processing and analyzing this interaction in real time and predicting that you are about to call the customer service.

The AI Today podcast has an interesting episode on the use of AI in customer experience and how chatbots, among other uses of AI, may herald a new age of better customer service.

AI Today Podcast #78: AI in Customer Experience

The fight for customer attention is fierce and companies are increasingly turning to technology to discover new ways to help. Artificial intelligence is playing a major role in creating connected customer experiences throughout the entire customer lifecycle. In this podcast hosts Kathleen Walch and Ron Schmelzer explore various ways AI is improving the customer experience.

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