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How to Kick Off Your Career with Custom Vision

Mikolaj Sienkiewicz, a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador, shares his experience in the Imagine Cup Competition as well as his project “Asisto”.

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Finding parking spots with Custom Vision and IoT

As developers, we have the ability to use machine learning to our applications to create very unique experiences and solve difficult problems for our customers. In this video, Martina and Bruno Capuano sit with Scott to show us how we can use Custom Vision and IoT devices to recognize objects in the real world. This […]

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Computer Vision Machine Learning

Predicting on a Custom Vision ONNX Model with ML.NET

Jon Wood shows us how to use a model from the Custom Vision service in ML.NET to make predictions. Code – Netron – Custom Vision Sample – Custom Vision model video – ML.NET Playlist –

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Computer Vision Object Detection with Cognitive Services

The AI Show has just uploaded a new episode that takes a quick tour of computer vision and see an example of how to use the Custom Vision service, object detection model to solve a fun use case.  

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