Privacy Security

How Apple AirTags are being used by criminals

GPS tracking devices are becoming more popular and criminals are using them. For example, we’re seeing Apple AirTags being used to track cars and steal them from home driveways. Use your iPhone or download an Android tracker detect app to help you find Bluetooth trackers near you.

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AI Data Data Science Guest Post

Data Forensics in Police Case Work

The following is a guest post by Ainsely Lawrence Digital technology has improved life in numerous ways, and we are now more connected than ever. Yet for all of their positive traits, the digital devices we rely on are highly vulnerable to cybercrime and similar nefarious activities like catfishing. If your network isn’t secure, hackers […]

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Interesting Mathematics

Mathematics Used to Solve Crime

Here’s an interesting look at how data was used to fight crime before the term data science was coined.

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AI Robotics

Can Dubai Use Robots to Police?

Robocop was a classic 80s action movie and now, it seems somewhat prophetic. BBC Click takes a closer look.

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