Crash Course


Python Crash Course for Excel Users

If you’re an Excel user looking to level up your analytics skills, Python is a great choice for repeatable processes, compelling visualizations, and robust data analysis. And while learning to code may seem too difficult, your Excel knowledge gives you a significant head start. This introduction is intended for Excel users with no prior knowledge […]

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Data SQL Server

SQL Crash Course for Beginners

When learning data science, students typically focus on Python or R for data analysis and machine learning. In the real world, data is usually stored in databases, and that data is best used by directly using SQL against the database.. This crash course is intended for beginners with no prior experience in SQL. By the […]

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Linux Operating System – Crash Course for Beginners

Learn the basics of the Linux Operating System in this crash course for beginners. Linux is a clone of the UNIX operating system, so understanding one is understanding the other. The goal is for you to get a full understanding of how the Linux OS works. If you’re still using Windows or Mac OS, you […]

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Data Science Python

Data Analytics Crash Course: Teach Yourself in 30 Days  has provided this introduction to Python-based data analytics. You will get a basic understanding of the workings of Python to the point where you can confidently find and manipulate data sources and use a Jupyter environment to derive insights from your data.

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AI Machine Learning

Crash Course AI: Supervised Learning

Here’s a great explanation of supervised learning from Crash Course AI.

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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Here’s the first episode of Crash Course AI with Jabrils.

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AI Economics of AI

Preview of Crash Course Artificial Intelligence

CrashCourse has a preview of their upcoming AI course with Jabril Ashe, who has an awesome YouTube channel on AI.

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