Free Full Calculus 1 College Course Learn Calculus 1 in this full college course. This course was created by Dr. Linda Green, a lecturer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Check out her YouTube channel: Lecture Notes Calculus 1 Corequisite Notes: Calculus 1 Notes: Course Contents: (0:00:00) [Corequisite] Rational Expressions (0:09:40) [Corequisite] Difference Quotient […]

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Data Structures for Beginners

Learn all about Data Structures in this lecture-style course from You will learn what Data Structures are, how we measure a Data Structures efficiency, and then hop into talking about 12 of the most common Data Structures which will come up throughout your Computer Science journey. Course Contents (00:00) Introduction (01:06) Timestamps (01:23) Script […]

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Python TensorFlow

TensorFlow 2.0 Complete 7 Hour Course

Learn how to use TensorFlow 2.0 in this full tutorial course for beginners. This course is designed for Python programmers looking to enhance their knowledge and skills in machine learning and artificial intelligence. Throughout the 8 modules in this course you will learn about fundamental concepts and methods in ML & AI like core learning […]

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AI Machine Learning

Machine Learning App Examples

Siraj Raval shows off examples of machine learning apps from his students. If you’re wondering about my stance on the recent controversies around Siraj, I recorded a Data Point about that. Machine Learning powers almost every internet service we use these days, but it’s rare to find a full pipeline example of machine learning being […]

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