Anaconda Beginners Guide for Linux and Windows

Anaconda has become a key tool in the Python developers tool belt. In this video, Maroya will talk about the Anaconda toolkit and how we can use it to make our Python journey a bit more convenient. Time Stamps: 00:00 – Intro to Anaconda Toolkit 00:23 – What is a working environment? 01:52 – Install […]

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Data Science Python

Scalable Machine Learning with Dask

Here’s an interesting talk on Dask from AnacondaCon 2018. Tom Augspurger. Scikit-Learn, NumPy, and pandas form a great toolkit for single-machine, in- memory analytics. Scaling them to larger datasets can be difficult, as you have to adjust your workflow to use chunking or incremental learners. Dask provides NumPy- and pandas-like data containers for manipulating larger […]

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