AI Deep Learning

Deep Learning Frameworks Review

With the plethora of deep learning frameworks out there, which one should you use? In this video, Siraj Raval compares 10 deep learning frameworks across a wide variety of metrics. PyTorch, Tensorflow, MXNet, Chainer, CNTK, Sonnet, DeepLearning4J, CoreML, ONNX.

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AI Cognitive Services

Using Machine-Assisted Content Moderation to Detect Unwanted Content

For websites or services that accept content from users, it is critical to have that material reviewed to filter out any offensive/inappropriate content. The Content Moderator platform provides us with a set of APIs for monitoring possible offensive, undesirable, and risky content. Watch this video to see Sanjeev Jagtap discuss how to leverage the Content Moderator platform and its […]

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AI Computer Vision Deep Learning

Building Image Classification Systems Using the Microsoft AI Platform

In this video from the Ignite conference last September, watch the latest additions to the Cognitive Toolkit, which offer a Python API, as well as a GUI to have a non‐disruptive experience from data load through operationalization with all the steps in between. The goal is to support classification, object detection and image similarity use case. […]

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AI Deep Learning Microsoft

What’s new in the Cognitive Toolkit v 2.2?

Watch Cha Zhang, Principal Applied Science Manager from Microsoft Research,m explain the Cognitive Toolkit (aka CNTK). CNTK is Microsoft’s open source deep learning toolkit that runs over 80% of the internal deep learning workload of Microsoft, including Cortana, HoloLens, Office, and more.

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AI Deep Learning

Image Classification with CNTK

This video demonstrates how to use the CNTK libraries to build out a simple image classifier using a neural network.

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AI Home Automation Machine Learning Microsoft

Deep Dive into the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK)

Here’s a great session from Ignite 2017 that goes deep into CNTK. CNTK is the AI platform of choice within Microsoft and, since it’s open source, has contributors from a wide variety of organizations from academia and the private sector.

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AI Azure Machine Learning

Deep Learning and CNTK on Azure

Here’s an interesting talk on CNTK, the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, and Deep Learning on Azure. Slides and code are on GitHub.

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AI Python

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK) for Deep Learning

In my previous post, I featured a video on Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK). If you’ve not heard of it, CNTK is a production-grade, open-source, deep-learning library. It’s the toolkit behind a Microsoft’s many AI initiatives. CNTK embraces fully open development, is available on GitHub, and provides support for both Windows and Linux. The latest release […]

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AI Machine Learning

Deep Learning with CNTK aka the Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit

This video introduces Deep Learning with Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit (CNTK). The intended audience includes: Data scientists who are new to deep learning Machine learning scientists looking for advanced techniques Engineers looking for means to scale and leverage cloud computing in Azure Watch now:

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