AI Autonomous Vehicles

The World’s First AI-Flown Fighter Jet Can Dogfight

Next on the AI job removal list: fighter pilots. In a joint project between DARPA and the US Air Force, a special aircraft called the X-62 Vista (based on the F-16) became the first tactical aircraft to be piloted by artificial intelligence. This video is from CNET.

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Quantum Computing

Watch Nvidia’s Entire Quantum Computing Presentation (Supercomputing 2022)

At Supercomputing 2022, the Nvidia’s Director of HPC Tim Costa talks about the latest advancements in quantum computing, and the company’s strategy going forward.

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Watch Ameca the Humanoid Robot in Its First Public Demo

Last year, a video of Ameca the robot’s facial expressions had the world fascinated (and terrified). But the creators of this humanoid say Ameca is the face of the future.

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Science Virtual Reality

Real Holograms are Finally Here!

Silicon Valley start-up Light Field Lab has created a hologram so real that we may finally get the holograms promised in science fiction.

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Data Future Microsoft

Microsoft’s Plan to Store Data for 10,000 years

Microsoft’s Project Silica aims to show that glass is the future of long-term data storage. To prove its usefulness outside the lab, Microsoft partnered with Warner Bros. to write the 1978 Superman film into glass with lasers. To see the whole process and the Superman glass, CNET visited Microsoft’s Research Lab in Cambridge, England and […]

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Robotics Space

Robotic Dogs Go Into Production and Robots on Mars

In this episode of What the Future, check out what Boston Dynamics’ robot dogs have been up to and see how robots can help colonize Mars.

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CNET on What AI Can Do Today

Explore the current state of the art in AI in this video from CNET.

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