Machine Learning

Reliable Machine Learning Systems

Siraj Raval has a video exploring a paper about genomics and creating reliable machine learning systems. Deep learning classifiers make the ladies (and gentlemen) swoon, but they often classify novel data that’s not in the training set incorrectly with high confidence. This has serious real world consequences! In Medicine, this could mean misdiagnosing a patient. […]

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Computer Vision Neural Networks

Natural Images That Can Fool Neural Networks

Two Minute Papers examines the The paper “Natural Adversarial Examples” Dataset and code are available on GitHub.

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Neural Networks

Neural Network Architectures

Steve Brunton describes the wide variety of neural network architectures available to solve various problems in this lecture.  Book website: Steve Brunton’s website:

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Data SQL Server

Discovering, Classifying, Labeling & Protecting SQL Data

Learn all about the new data classification capabilities built into Azure SQL Database. Data Classification enables discovering, classifying, labeling & protecting the sensitive data in your databases. Examples of sensitive data include business, financial, healthcare, personally identifiable data (PII). Discovering and classifying your most sensitive data can play a pivotal role in your organizational information […]

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