Channel9 Archive: Designing IoT for Extreme Environments

This video was originally made for MSDN’s Channel9, which was recently decommissioned. To learn more about Channel9 and what it meant to the developer community, watch this eulogy I delivered recently. While not the first time a dog appeared on Channel9, it was the first time that a dog had lines of dialog.

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RIP Channel9!

In this livestream, I eulogize the greatness that was Channel9.

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PowerPoint Designer: Powered by Azure Machine Learning Service

Powerpoint Designer utilizes machine learning to provide users with redesigned slides to maximize their engagement and visual appeal. Up to 4.1 million Designer slides are created daily and the Designer team is adding new types of content continuously. Time Index: [02:39] Demo – PowerPoint suggests design ideas to help users build memorable slides effortlessly [03:28] […]

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