Current Events

Pentagon awards $9 billion cloud deals to big tech

Google, Amazon Web Services, software giant Microsoft and Oracle received cloud computing contracts worth $9 billion from the Pentagon. Seems like one company got the short end of the stick on this deal.

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AWS Business

Bloomberg Studio 1.0 Interview with Amazon CEO Andy Jassy

Andy Jassy, Amazon CEO speaks with Emily Chang about the company’s innovation priorities, as well as heated competition in areas like rapid delivery and streaming video. He’ll also talk about Amazon’s commitment to be Earth’s best employer and its approach to unions, as well as navigating challenges like inflation, global supply chain shortages and the […]

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CrowdStrike on the Future of Cyber Security Landscape

CrowdStrike CEO George Kurtz joins Emily Chang to discuss the cyber security investing landscape, the rise of ransomware, and what the US can do to better protect itself from cyber crimes.

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Meta’s Sheryl Sandberg Steps Down as COO

Wired Editor at Large, Steven Levy, also the author of “Facebook: The Inside Story,” joins Emily Chang and Sarah Frier for a deep dive into the news that Meta’s Sheryl Sandberg, who became one of the most recognized figures in global business after helping Facebook transform from a startup into a multibillion-dollar advertising powerhouse, is […]

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Interesting Startups

Building Internet Infrastructure Into a Utility

Meter CEO and Co-Founder Anil Varanasi joins Emily Chang to discuss his company’s recent $38 Million Series B with backers like Sequoia, Lachy Groom, and Shopify CEO Tobi Lütke. He explains his vision and what he means by making internet service like electricity and telephones.

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Tony Fadell’s Advice For Building The Next Big Thing

FutureShape Principal Tony Fadell speaks with Emily Chang about his new book Build: An Unorthodox Guide to Making Things Worth Making, which charts his career building some of consumer electronic’s most iconic inventions such as the iPod, iPhone, and Nest thermostat.

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Business Interesting

How Long Will the Streaming Slump Last?

LightShed Partners Partner Rich Greenfield joins Emily Chang to discuss streaming earnings and what it tells us about the future of the industry.

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The Cyber Threat Landscape

Palo Alto Networks Senior VP Wendi Whitmore joins Emily Chang for a discussion about the future of the cybersecurity landscape and how governments and companies can best prepare for potential attacks, and what form they can take.

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AMD Rallied 12% on Strong Sales Forecast

AMD CEO Lisa Su joins Emily Chang to discuss their latest earnings results, the future of the semiconductor industry, and when we can expect the chip shortage to fizzle out. Also, she responds to Pat Gelsinger’s video claiming that “AMD is in the rear-view mirror” for them.

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Future Science

The Rise of Vertical Indoor Farming

Plenty CEO Arama Kukutai joins Emily Chang to talk about the future of climate tech, why 2022 will be a critical year for Plenty’s business model, and how vertical farming can help provide produce anywhere in the world, year round.

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