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6000th Post

This is the 6000th posts to this blog since the forced reset when ClearDB lost all my data. It was very easy to feel defeated and deflated when I found out that September night in 2017 that 13 years of hard work was gone forever. However, I channeled my energies into rebuilding the site bigger […]

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Python Blog Tutorial #2 – Flask User Authentication and Security

In part two of this blog tutorial series! In this video, Tim from Tech with Time will be showing us how to add security and authentication for blog application. For example; sign in, sign out, and create an account. Timestamps 00:00 | Overview 01:01 | HTTP POST Method 04:04 | Getting Form Data 06:39 | […]

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Azure Containers

Using Azure Container Registry for Building and Deploying .NET Core Apps

You probably know that Azure Container Registry enables you to store and manage container images securely, but did you know it can also be used as a part of your DevOps pipelines? Jeremy Likness shows Scott Hanselman how ACR can manage your images and even build them for you in the cloud. Time index: 0:00 […]

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